Some of you requested college Sam and Nat, so here they are, looking salty.  (Not that I needed the excuse.) 

tattoo reference! | used a pose reference as well, but i’ll link it once i find it… again… )



do you ever look at someone’s url and you just want to help them

All the time


it’s a disturbing realization that peter has a higher sex drive than stiles. for most of high school, stiles lived under the impression that he was the horniest person on earth. he couldn’t have been more wrong. when he starts sleeping with peter, he expects an abundance of kinky sex. what he did not sign up for is getting ruined four times a day. with peter’s werewolf stamina, and almost nonexistent refractory period, he can literally keep going four hours on end. stiles makes it about a week before he raises a white flag and sets some boundaries about them not fucking more than twice a day. he also puts a twenty-minute maximum on any given round of penetration. of course, peter agrees. he doesn’t want to do any permanent damage to stiles’ perfect little body. but he does tease stiles about not being able to keep up with an ‘old man’ at every given opportunity.


These two. I can’t even with them anymore, uahhhh…



fuck that chris evans guy

i’m tryin



i didn’t ask to be a fan of chris evans

i didn’t ask to have my life disrupted by a fucking meatball of a man who’s half frat bro and half sensitive artist

why this

i didn’t ask for this

look he even makes the face that i do when i have to deal with his existence


  • Parents:

    Don't forget to make us proud

  • Friends:

    Don't forget to socialize

  • Teachers:

    Don't forget to get A's

  • Strangers:

    Don't forget to blend in

  • Opposite sex:

    Don't forget to look good

  • Society:

    Don't forget to be perfect

  • Tumblr:

    Fuck the world, at least you haven't murdered somebody today

  • Tumblr:

    But just in case you want to get away with it, here are some tips.